Inspiration in the Studio

Meet Our Team. Welcome, Elizabeth!

Our team is growing and the energy is exciting! Over the next few weeks, we want to introduce the incredible people who make the magic happen at Southern Studio.

We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth as an Interior Designer on our Southern Studio team!

First things first. How did you get started in the interior design world? What sparked your interest in the business?

Do you remember Trading Spaces? From a young age, I remember watching the show, and my interest in design grew from there! In high school, I took an interior design class, then focusing on only looking at colleges with an accredited interior design program. I followed the footsteps of both my aunts and my great-grandmother, attending Meredith College in Raleigh.

How would you describe your design style in three words?

Classic with a twist. I know, that’s four words!

Your go-to color palette (maybe one in your personal home)? Is there a specific color that you think withstands “trends”?

I gravitate toward cool grays and whites with dark black accents. There’s something about the combination of a cooler-toned color palette accented by dark black hues that I love.

To me, greige will remain a versatile neutral that withstands trends. Somewhere between gray and beige, greige can span many different tastes and interior styles, allowing it to work well in many spaces.

Your favorite white paint color?

“Aesthetic White” by Sherwin-Williams. It always feels fresh, yet it can go warm or cool in different light.

An interior design tip that can make all the difference?

If you love something, it will always be in style. Save and splurge on one item you absolutely love, rather than just filling a space with things you like.

What is your favorite interior design / coffee table book?

Elements of Style by Erin Gates.

What’s currently sitting on your nightstand?

My lamp, a phone charger, and a pink hair bow courtesy of my 15-month-old daughter.

What is your favorite source for inspiration?


What catches your eye first, stripes or florals?

Hands-down, stripes.

Your advice for transforming a “house” into a “home”?

Personalization. Making your space yours. Fill your space with meaning by carefully selecting personal family heirlooms, items from your travels, or pieces that tell a resonating story.

Has motherhood changed your outlook on designing spaces? If so, how?

I would say both yes and no. I believe you can still achieve highly-curated design in your home along with having young ones around. With the advances in fabrics and materials today, style and durability can go hand-in-hand.

Do you have an “essential” accessory in your home that you just can’t live without?

Oh, I love including lamps all over my home. They’re double-purpose too – lamps are practical and they can serve as conversation-starting works of art.