Inspiration in the Studio

Design Inspiration in Paris

As designers, we are always seeking new sources and inspiration to keep our designs fresh and innovative for our clients. Over the years, we have been to markets and industry shows all over the United States. This year the focus in the studio is highly curated design, so it was time to expand the reach and Design Week in Paris was the place to start. There are several components to the Paris Design Week experience, each one unique and inspiring in its own way. Below are a few highlights of the experience.

Paris Déco Off

Along the quaint streets of the Left Bank and the Right Bank, fabric houses showcased new introductions and gorgeous window displays at Paris Decor Off. Many pop-up showrooms exhibited some of the finest and most innovative textiles in the world. Strolling the lantern-lined streets was a designer’s dream come true.

Maison Objet

Maison Objet was the perfect place to find new resources for finely crafted and unique pieces. Each corner of the world has a gift for local artisans and we scouted some beautiful sources that will be on the way to the studio soon.

Paris Flea Markets

Without a doubt, the Paris flea markets have a reputation for quality antiques and one-of-a-kind curiosities. Thankfully, we have beautiful designer friends that know the terrain and shared their hidden gems. A special find from this vintage market found its way home and we’re already planning the next trip.

The Architecture

Beyond the markets, just the experience of Paris was the perfect dose of inspiration to fuel the creative soul. We spent an afternoon at the Louvre exploring the breathtaking architecture and renowned paintings and sculpture, but I stood in awe trying to comprehend the vision of King Philippe in 1190 as he began construction.

The Hospitality

We stayed at a quiet boutique hotel nestled on the secluded side street near the Palais Royal. Hotel Therese was a true Parisian experience. We stayed on the sixth floor in a cozy room under the eaves (for the record, there’s 109 steps from the lobby to the top floor and we walked them every time). The breakfast room on the ground floor was incredibly charming….oh, how I want to go back.

The Foodie Experience

If there’s one thing that we should all learn from the Parisians, it’s to take time to sit and connect over a proper cup of coffee. No more coffee to-go cups (that’s the goal)! Of all the cafes we visited, we fell in love with this little gem on the corner near our hotel.

Gathering with designer friends for cocktails at the newly renovated Hotel de Crillon was another highlight. The renovation of the iconic property is incredible and the lounge was exquisite. I was so enjoying the moment that I forgot to take any photos (all the more reason to go back).

It’s with renewed inspiration that I return to the studio with a grateful heart. I can’t wait to incorporate a new layer of detail to our projects.

Today, our wish for this beautiful city is that the rainfall subsides so the water levels can return to normal beneath the sparkling lights.

Au Revoir, Paris. Thank you for the memories.