Inspiration in the Studio

Quality Furnishings Made in North Carolina!

We are often asked about quality of materials and construction techniques in furnishings. There’s something about fine craftsmanship that just leaves an impression.

Jon Wilson with the Fox Charlotte television station did a fabulous job documenting the manufacturing of fine furnishings in his piece Hickory Chair where furniture is still American Made! If you want a quick education on quality furniture, it’s well worth the 17 minutes of time.

Rich. Lush. Quality. Detail. Hickory Chair. Made in America. What more could you want?

So thrilled with the ABC News series "Made in America"

I never seem to lack an opinion when it comes to our homes and the way we live!  I like to call it passion.

I have absolutely loved the ABC News series Made in America that has aired on World News this week. It is refreshing to see a positive news report that educates the public. So often, we talk about buying American, but sometimes we just don’t know the right questions to ask and where to look.


I have made it a priority to use American products in our designs….especially furniture.  In North Carolina, we are fortunate to live in an area with some fabulous furniture manufacturers.  I just don’t see the point in buying imported products when we have fine craftsmen in our own backyard. I’ve had the privilege of touring many of the factories and once you meet the people creating the furniture that will be placed in the homes of your clients, it’s hard to not support their livelihoods.

With so many choices available today, why not support those made in our own country? God Bless the USA!