Inspiration in the Studio

High-End Appliances for High-End Chefs

Last week our team enjoyed a fabulous dinner prepared by Chef George Laudun, Corporate Chef for Wolf/Sub-Zero appliances.  The event was hosted by Kitchen and Bath Galleries, the home of the only Wolf/Sub-Zero Living Kitchen in North Carolina. I think it goes without saying that the food was delicious…and we had great fun!

Chef George with Vicki, Martha and I!

Wolf and Sub-Zero offer state-of-the-art appliances!  The features are impressive and just make you want to cook a gourmet meal.  Check out what was being installed today when I visited a job site!

These clients decided to invest in the best!  I have no doubt that they will enjoy many, many fabulous meals….I can’t wait to visit!

Red Knob Envy!

Last night Dan and I were invited to a cooking demonstration by Wolf and Sub-Zero‘s corporate Chef George at…

What a treat!  The menu…

White Pizza

Fresh Slaw and Sauteed Scallops

Rice Pilaf and Prime Rib

Fresh Biscuits with Berries and Cream

Lately, work has kept me working late most nights, so dinners at my house have been pitiful. Chef George  has inspired me. I spend so much time nurturing creativity in the studio and I need to extend it into other areas of life, including the kitchen (for the record, I want to learn to love gardening too).

Kitchen and Bath Galleries has the only Wolf and Sub-Zero Living Kitchen in the state and it is designed to impress.

Now, this is a range! Notice the signature red knobs! Don’t worry, Wolf is very supportive of their products and offer educational classes for their customers.

Yes, I have “red knob” envy!

Time to go plan dinner for the family…