Inspiration in the Studio

The Business of Design

Often, I get so wrapped up in my projects that I actually forget I am working! I suppose that’s a good thing. As much as I love the creative side of design, I have to remember that I have a responsibility to manage my business. A great design firm is able to successfully manage projects in an efficient manner AND produce functional and beautiful results! Oftentimes, this is easier said than done.

It’s no secret that given the choice between working on a fabulous new design or completing the tedious business tasks involved with every project…..I choose design every time! I recognize that a well-managed business is important, so I contract with a wonderful firm that provides a variety of support for the business side of design. Everything from business systems to CAD drawings, Gibson Design Management has been an excellent resource that allows me to focus on what I do (and like) best.  I was flattered when I received a call earlier this week requesting a testimonial of my experience. It made me realize that although my design firm is small, there are many contributing members to the Southern Studio business and I appreciate them all.

Check out the Gibson Design blog. I just love the name: Left Brains for Right Brains!  The name about sums up the conflict designers face every day. Thank you Martha, and the entire team, for keeping me sane!