Inspiration in the Studio

Simplified :: All are Welcome...

This week we are simplifying what to do with that empty entryway space! Your foyer space (however small or large) is the first impression your home makes and in a year of less entertaining we want our guests to feel a special invitation. While we may miss gathering in large groups we want to help you welcome your guests and family home (air-hug!).

Much like a mudroom, your foyer should be equal parts style and function. Curating a vignette should start with the overarching theme of the home and infuse personal touches to spotlight your personality! Choosing a piece of art, mirror or a statement light is a great place to start.

Next add a piece of grounding furniture. Whether a family heirloom chest of drawers, a practical bench or a sleek console all are good options! What form would fit you most depends on the function you need out of your home. Do you need extra storage to hide junk? Do you need a place to perch to put on shoes on your way out the door? Do you have extra space to simply showcase style?

Add your personal touches to leave a lasting impression. Whether coming or going, what do you want your guests to remember about your home? A signature scent in a beautiful candle vessel, family photos in a fun frame, or a collection of poetry or favorite reads can all be great options to inspire.

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