Inspiration in the Studio

Learning from the past, Mother Knows Best!

A good friend of mine was recently cleaning out his parents house after the passing of his mother. I guess I should be honored that he thought of me and brought home a book…Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas published in 1960! We had some good laughs scrolling through the 50-year-old, yellowed pages (which still had a price sticker of $2.95 on it)! The sad part is that we actually remembered a lot of the design trends and some of them have returned!


Here’s a thought….

Good family room planning includes provision for all hobby interests.


This statement will never change…

Good decorating capitalizes on architecture.


And another proven concept…

Color can affect the way you feel.


Thanks, Scott, for sharing. Your mom did a great job raising an awesome son! I promise, when you’re ready to remodel, I’ll help you with some new inspiration!