Inspiration in the Studio

The Sparkle of Crystal!

Crys•tal  (noun) a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice

For some reason, I’ve been surrounded by the sparkle of crystals lately.  While visiting Charleston, we wandered into the historic Charleston Place Hotel and I was in awe of the giant 12 foot crystal chandelier that hangs in the foyer!  Being the tourist, I had to take a photo and then I started my research.


Did you know that although crystal chandeliers have evolved over time, they achieved great popularity during the development of lead glass in England in the 17th century?  The flames of candles were reflected in the beautiful glass and cast all colors of the rainbow throughout the room.  Even today, I love using crystal to create a magical ambiance.  Using crystal lighting can create a gorgeous ceiling detail with incredible color and shadow.

Some of the most famous glassmakers come from the Czech Republic and specialize in hand cut lead crystal (and since I’m of Czech descent, I have been blessed by a Grandmother who left me some fabulous Czech pieces….gotta love Grandma for M&Ms and cut glass). Other craftsmen started the Venetian island of Murano and continue to make beautiful Murano glass chandeliers today. And, of course, I can’t forget the fine crystal makers of Waterford and Swarovski.

Below are a few pieces of crystal lighting available today.  They are mostly small fixtures that can easily be used in a powder room or small foyer. 


A petite crystal chandelier by Kalco.


Lots of beautiful Waterford crystal.


A small pendant accented with crystals by Hinkley Lighting.


Love this round crystal sphere by Currey and Company.


As I said, I’ve been surrounded by crystal lately. I just used this fixture by World Imports in my bedroom.  For those of you who know my very practical husband, he says he feels like he’s sleeping with a disco ball in the room.  What does he know?  I love it!

And, for my UNC friends, I couldn’t resist this Waterford crystal ball commemorating the NCAA championship this week! 


I hope you find some sparkle in your life this week!