Inspiration in the Studio

Proclamation from Raleigh Mayor, Charles Meeker

Last week, the National Association of Contractors and Builders hosted a Construction Expo in Raleigh.  Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call nominating me for a Mayoral Proclamation!  Here are a few lines from the presentation:

….the building industry plays a vital role in Raleigh Durham’s Economic development, providing thousands of jobs and shaping the physical landscape of our community…

….companies like yourself strive to develop a great appreciation of the Raleigh Durham area’s growth, education and awareness in Green Building and creating opportunities for improvement…


Sometimes we need to stop and remember what it is we work so hard trying to achieve every day.  As professionals in the construction industry, it is our obligation to create spaces that are safe, functional, and protect the natural resources of our environment……and of course, aesthetic beauty is always an added bonus!

So, thank you, Mayor Meeker for recognizing our industry during a very tough economic time.  A very special thank you to Val at MASC Consultants (a great resource for lighting and beautiful interior hardware) for the nomination!