Inspiration in the Studio

Simplified :: Fireplace Styling

The fall season is in full-effect and the time for cozy-ing up next to your fireplace is now. Whether indoors or out, we’re sharing our favorite fireplace and mantle styling tips and picks!

Let’s start with the mantle!

Typically the fireplace is a focal point in the room so you want to anchor it with a large piece of artwork (or TV in the case of a more casual family room). In a space with high ceilings you could go tall and narrow or in a room with low ceilings with a chunky, wide mantle you might chose something with a horizontal profile.

Less is more! Fewer, larger objects makes a statement without giving the cluttered look that many, smaller tchotchkes can. This is true for both the mantle and hearth.

Symmetry on the mantle gives a classic, more formal look. In order to balance this consider adding a natural, fluid element such as plants on the hearth, a basket of throws, or log holder. Balancing symmetry with fluidity gives your fireplace a cozy, lived-in feel!


Considering scale and variation at all times is the secret to editing your curated collections. Have fun with it and shop our studio selections below!




Photographer: Dustin Peck 

Simplified Sunday :: Home Office

This is certainly an unprecedented time and we find ourselves asking what we can do to help our clients, team, and community! Now more than ever we are seeking comfort in our homes and we want to help you elevate your spaces while you are spending the most time in them. Along with Southern Studio Simplified, we are introducing Simplified Sunday. We will showcase a few of our favorite items from our prior week, this week it’s Home Offices. Little changes can make a big difference, so we’ve included all the links to help transform your spaces while you’re nestled up at home. Just click on the item and it will take you right there…ready to help spark your creativity and DIY spirit!

[Sneak Peek into Next Week] We’ll be focusing on Gallery Walls! There are so many ways to add personality to your home with photos and collections of art. It starts with a plan, a detailed layout, and careful installation. We hope you join the fun … just email for details!


Tips and Tricks...Art and Photography Displays

Another new series? As part of the design process, I find myself researching trends and ideas every day! I’ve started to save photos for inspiration and often review them for a common theme.

In the past few weeks I’ve been faced with the challenge of filling large wall spaces. If you know me, you know I have a passion for original art (maybe that comes from my design school days where we were required to complete many classes in fine art). Sometimes the budget does not allow for original artwork, but I still believe what hangs on your wall should have personal meaning and bring inspiration.

One way to fill a large space, but still keep a unified design element, is to use a collection of framed art or photography. This botanical collection becomes a focal point in the dining nook.


A calming collection of shell prints add interest to this bedroom retreat.


Try a shadow box collection….this one is a collection of real shells.


To reflect your personal interests, try a collection of old maps in a study.


One of my favorite ways to personalize a home is to add a collection of photography, especially black and white photography. If you have children, take the time to capture the every day moments….it doesn’t need to be staged or formal. Keep it simple and playful. A local photographer who is progressive in her photography work is Aimee Laine. We recently met to brainstorm the concept of photography as art collections.  Check out her recent blog post on the topic.

I love how this collection brings a simple hallway to life!

Black and White Photos In Hallway

Gather your collections, get out your camera (or call your photographer) and visit your framer! Before you know it, you’ll transform your home into something visually interesting and personal!  Have fun!

Images from Traditional Home, Southern Living, Veranda.