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Simplified :: Holiday Gift Guide

This week we are simplifying your shopping for the interior design enthusiast in your life! To help you get the perfect gift for your loved ones this year our designers selected some of their go-to gift ideas (and some they would love to receive!).

In Southern Studio style, the gift packaging is just as important as the gift itself! Take care and plan the wrapping to add to your holiday decor.

And remember to shop local when you can – sometimes the best gift is found close to home!

Photography: Catherine Nguyen

Simplified :: Our Friendsgiving Favorites!

As Thanksgiving approaches and we gather with friends and family, albeit in smaller groups than years past, we still strive to make the holidays special. After sheltering in place for much of the year, each day, week, and month can start to feel the same, but we want to break up the monotony and take the moment to make meals with our loved ones extra special!

One of our favorite Studio traditions is planning a Friendsgiving celebration and this year is no different.

Our designers share their sources for their favorite Friendsgiving items!

Friends are the family you choose – Jess C. Scott

Simplified :: All are Welcome...

This week we are simplifying what to do with that empty entryway space! Your foyer space (however small or large) is the first impression your home makes and in a year of less entertaining we want our guests to feel a special invitation. While we may miss gathering in large groups we want to help you welcome your guests and family home (air-hug!).

Much like a mudroom, your foyer should be equal parts style and function. Curating a vignette should start with the overarching theme of the home and infuse personal touches to spotlight your personality! Choosing a piece of art, mirror or a statement light is a great place to start.

Next add a piece of grounding furniture. Whether a family heirloom chest of drawers, a practical bench or a sleek console all are good options! What form would fit you most depends on the function you need out of your home. Do you need extra storage to hide junk? Do you need a place to perch to put on shoes on your way out the door? Do you have extra space to simply showcase style?

Add your personal touches to leave a lasting impression. Whether coming or going, what do you want your guests to remember about your home? A signature scent in a beautiful candle vessel, family photos in a fun frame, or a collection of poetry or favorite reads can all be great options to inspire.

Shop our designers go-to items for creating your home’s impression!

Simplified :: Our team's best picks in lighting

Lighting selections are an essential piece of the design puzzle in every project. The lighting in a space affects the overall color palette, the mood of the room, and it can be a focal point for making a statement!

Natural light is always preferrable but isn’t necessarily a given in every home or room. You can overcome lighting challenges just by knowing what type of fixture to select for your space. Most rooms rely on a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting for optimal design aesthetic.

Designer tip: for bedside table lamps the shades should not align directly with the headboard height. So take your measurements and plan accordingly!

This week we are simplifying ambient and task lighting: better known as table lamps and floor lamps! These help light dark corners, reading nooks and provide ample light for nightime reading. They can also serve as an added design element with color, pattern or a artistic base!

Designer tip: for greater flexibility in bedroom seating areas combine a floor lamp and small table to reduce your lighting footprint.

Most bedrooms benefit from ambient lighting. A central overhead fixture is often accentuated by bedside lamps and reading nook floor lamps to set a more restful mood.

Shop our designer’s top selections for table and floor lamps and light it up!


Photography: Dustin Peck and Michael Blevins

Simplified :: Fireplace Styling

The fall season is in full-effect and the time for cozy-ing up next to your fireplace is now. Whether indoors or out, we’re sharing our favorite fireplace and mantle styling tips and picks!

Let’s start with the mantle!

Typically the fireplace is a focal point in the room so you want to anchor it with a large piece of artwork (or TV in the case of a more casual family room). In a space with high ceilings you could go tall and narrow or in a room with low ceilings with a chunky, wide mantle you might chose something with a horizontal profile.

Less is more! Fewer, larger objects makes a statement without giving the cluttered look that many, smaller tchotchkes can. This is true for both the mantle and hearth.

Symmetry on the mantle gives a classic, more formal look. In order to balance this consider adding a natural, fluid element such as plants on the hearth, a basket of throws, or log holder. Balancing symmetry with fluidity gives your fireplace a cozy, lived-in feel!


Considering scale and variation at all times is the secret to editing your curated collections. Have fun with it and shop our studio selections below!




Photographer: Dustin Peck