Inspiration in the Studio

STYLE + SOURCE :: May/June 2021 Issue

It’s launch day and the latest issue of Style + Source is here! Inside the pages you’ll find our “Kickoff to Summer” including curated selections for long days spent on the beach, or the perfect addition to your city staycation. Whether you’re jet-setting, hightailing it down to the North Carolina coast, or enjoying your backyard oasis, this issue will have you ready to soak up the Summer sun and enjoy the best that a North Carolina Summer (City or Coastal) has to offer.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate not only moms but all of the ladies in our life that have special meaning. Over the past year, moms have taken on new roles as they have learned to balance personal, family, and work-life during this time. Our hope is that you’re able to spend Mother’s Day with your loved ones, but if you’re celebrating from afar this year, we’re here to suggest ways to make everyone feel a little closer through thoughtful gestures and gifts!

How to celebrate with your mom?

  1. Cook brunch for the family – Make sure mom doesn’t lift a finger!
  2. Send a handwritten note thanking her for all that she does.
  3. Compile a photo album or scrapbook with your favorite memories over the years – a special sentiment she may always look back on.
  4. Treat her to a spa day or pamper her with a basket full of self-care goodies for an at-home spa day.

Designing with "Furry Friends" in Mind

National Pet Day is a special day for Southern Studio. Our design team loves their furry friends and recognizes how they play an important role in our lives and our homes! Knowing this, we strive to incorporate unique solutions for clients with pets, from selecting performance textiles to withstand mud and dirt being tracked in and incorporating pet-friendly doors in mudrooms. We enjoy celebrating the animals that are much more than pets today and every day.

Photography by Stacey Van Berkel

Today, we celebrate National Pet Day to help bring awareness to our best friends. We encourage all of our friends to check out local animal shelters if you’re looking to expand your family, volunteer, or consider donating or taking supplies to the shelter.

Photography by Dustin Peck

It’s time to do a little “spring cleaning” with your pet:

Squeaky Clean + Fresh Scents – Wash your pet with Kiehl’s Cuddly Coat Dog Shampoo and throw their blankets, bedding, collars, and plush toys into the wash.

Vacuum – The Dyson Ball Animal Upright Pet Vacuum is your home’s friend when it comes to keeping things tidy.

Healthy Mindset – Are all medical records up to date? Now is the time to double check and schedule!

Update Personal Information – Don’t forget to update your pet’s identification tags 1-2 times per year.

Photography by Dustin Peck

Now that your home is in order, enjoy some time with your four legged friend! How are you celebrating? Tag us (@southernstudio) and use #NationalPetDay so we can see!

Sprucing Your Space for Spring

As Spring quickly approaches, we’re thinking about brighter days and warmer temperatures on the horizon. The season of spring evokes feelings of renewal and new beginnings. With this in mind, our team is sharing tips on sprucing up your space for the Spring. We’re suggesting a few small tweaks and design additions in your home (beyond the obligatory vase of fresh florals!) that will make a big impact this season.

Use artwork to fill your blank walls: One of the most powerful ways to elevate your space is building your artwork collection by adding to a blank wall. Take your time with these selections and do your research. Visit local art galleries and discover artists you love. Spending money on art is an investment in your home!

Photography by Michael Blevins

Bookshelf Styling: Styling your bookshelves can truly feel like an art form, but we’re providing a step-by-step guide for proudly displaying your memorabilia, decor pieces, framed photos, and more!

  • Step 1) Remove everything from the bookshelf or built-in shelving 
  • Step 2) Give the shelves a good dusting
  • Step 3) Start organizing your items into categories
  • Step 4) Donate or store what you are no longer using or does not fit and make room for your favorite pieces. Sometimes less is more!
  • Step 5) Systematically begin to return items to the shelves in a balanced pattern. Repeating patterns or collections in a symmetrical way is the trick
  • Step 6) Begin filling in the gaps, step back for a full view, and then continue to make adjustments until it’s just right

Pro Tip: Take your time with these selections. You will want the pieces to be special, reflect your style, and tell your story.

Photography by Dustin Peck

Bedding: As something that you use every day, your bedding has to make you feel most comfortable season-to-season! After a cold winter, it is the perfect time to shed some layers and carefully select luxurious linens that can completely alter the look (and feel!) of any bedroom.

Here a few of our favorite techniques for a bedding refresh:

  • Add a variety of textures and layers.
  • Crisp, white linens are always a Southern Studio must! 
  • Add a quilt or duvet folded at the end of the bed to be used as needed.
  • Have fun with your throws and pillows. Feel free to play with colors, patterns and textures to build upon basic bedding.
Photography by Michael Blevins

Simplified :: Unplug + Unwind

After a productive week, we are gearing up for a weekend full of unplugging and recharging. We will be celebrating National Day of Unplugging, a 24 hour period to unplug from technology from sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow. It’s a time to relax, restore mental clarity and to connect with loved ones the “old-school” way without modern technology. 

Exquisitely Renovated

To unplug and unwind, utilize the design details in your technology-free spaces. For example, a plush throw pillow resting atop your lounge chair does more than add a stylistic flair! Use it for support as you curl-up with a book.

While you’re taking a break from screen-time, treat yourself to some “me-time” with a spa-day from home. A light and bright bathroom suite exudes luxury and relaxation simultaneously! 

Other Ways to Unplug:

  1. Personal time – Whether it’s cleaning, or maybe exercising, spend time doing whatever puts your mind at ease
  2. Connect with a friend – Take a walk outside or grab morning coffee to catch-up with your loved ones, or mail a hand-written note.
  3. Grab a pen and paper and let your creativity run wild – Draw, paint, or write a note. Let your inner artist shine! 
  4. Feel good, do good – Volunteer at an organization that you’re passionate about

Take a peek at our designers’ favorite products to use while spending the day technology-free!