Simplified :: Fireplace Styling

The fall season is in full-effect and the time for cozy-ing up next to your fireplace is now. Whether indoors or out, we’re sharing our favorite fireplace and mantle styling tips and picks!

Let’s start with the mantle!

Typically the fireplace is a focal point in the room so you want to anchor it with a large piece of artwork (or TV in the case of a more casual family room). In a space with high ceilings you could go tall and narrow or in a room with low ceilings with a chunky, wide mantle you might chose something with a horizontal profile.

Less is more! Fewer, larger objects makes a statement without giving the cluttered look that many, smaller tchotchkes can. This is true for both the mantle and hearth.

Symmetry on the mantle gives a classic, more formal look. In order to balance this consider adding a natural, fluid element such as plants on the hearth, a basket of throws, or log holder. Balancing symmetry with fluidity gives your fireplace a cozy, lived-in feel!


Considering scale and variation at all times is the secret to editing your curated collections. Have fun with it and shop our studio selections below!




Photographer: Dustin PeckĀ 

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