Renovate without Headache. Just Need to Plan.

In the current issue of Cary Magazine, Co-Editor Tara Croft asked me to provide some advice on renovations for her article, What to Expect When You’re Renovating. Each project is different and brings a unique set of challenges, but there is always one constant….every house is a personal home when it’s yours.

It made me take a step back and reflect on what makes a project truly successful.  Without a doubt, there are two key factors:

(1) Team of Professionals:  architect, contractor and interior designer

Each player of your team brings a unique skill set that work in combination for the best results!  The investment is worth the effort and should pay for itself by avoiding pitfalls and mistakes.

(2) Planning and Budgets

Before the first hammer slams to begin demolition, there must be a plan in place to put the pieces back together.  Taking the time to develop the design and select the individual design elements will pay off in the long run.  It also allows time to compile accurate estimates that will provide an accurate budget.

So, before you have to live with this….

Plan, plan and then plan a little more…

Work with your team to design the perfect space for both function and aesthetics.

We’ve all heard the nightmares of remodeling. Developing a team you trust and a plan you love will help bring your dreams to reality!

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