A Little Inspiration While on Vacation!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with some much needed family fun! With two busy teenagers (is 20 still a teenager?) and two busy careers, life can become chaotic. After enjoying some time at the coast (a little work, a little play), we ventured off to the most magical place…Walt Disney World! We all needed some time to just play and decided to invite a couple of extra friends along with us.

We used to visit Disney a lot when the kids were little and have great memories of those trips. But, I have to say, Disney without strollers and juice boxes was a blast! Disney with teenagers was a whole new experience.

I always find inspiration while on vacation! Whether it’s a historic building, a beautiful hotel or a unique architectural detail, visiting different places always sparks creativity. At Disney, it’s the attention to detail that always amazes me!


Walt Disney World opened in 1971!  Walt Disney had a vision and I can only imagine what people thought of his grand ideas.


Of course, change and growth are a constant of life and Disney is no exception. Throughout the parks, wherever new construction was happening, Dream Builders signs with inspirational quotes could be found. Walt Disney’s thoughts were motivating…and so applicable to what I do every day as a designer.


Getting started is always the hardest part!


Some days, I feel like it’s my job to accomplish the impossible!


Great design has to evolve. It takes work and constant tweaking until it’s just right!


Confidence is everything….and you must believe in the project! It makes all the difference in the world.


What do they say? The only constant in life is change. This is certainly true when it comes to the interior design industry!


If you know me, you know that it’s always about the people!


This one speaks for itself.  Everyone may need deadlines, but who likes them?


After a long day in the heat, we had to stop for photos in front of the ultimate home….Cinderella’s castle. My new goal is to make every client’s home as beautiful and magical as Cinderella’s!

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