An Amazing Transformation!

This past week I received one of those e-mails….a reminder of the incredibly personal connection we have with our homes.

I opened the e-mail and the note began. “It’s hard to express how I feel….my heart is smiling. I am thrilled. I woke up at 4:30 this morning, couldn’t sleep so excited over the house. It felt like Christmas when we were children.  Thanks for taking a project close to my heart.”

The note was written by a client who took on a major project with personal meaning for her entire family.  30 years ago her parents built a home in Ocean Isle Beach. For years, it served as a gathering place for her five siblings and extended family…so many memories of carefree summers at the beach. After the death of her parents, she and her husband (a very patient man) accepted the challenge of renovating the home so the family memories could continue for the next generation.

The kitchen before (oh, if these walls could talk)….


The kitchen today….

It always bothered Corinne’s mother that the staircase was not installed as originally planned 30 years ago.  We remedied the problem by reversing the staircase; yes, it was rotated and moved. It allowed the living room to be opened to the kitchen with a convenient pass-thru. Here’s the living room before….

And now…

The exterior of the home before…

And now…

As with every successful project, it takes a team of professionals to make it happen!  For this project, the contractor who worked incredible magic was Jeff Sanderson (and his Construction Manager, Dino Viscosi) with Whitney Blair. The cabinetry was custom-made by a true craftsman, Kirk Riffel, with Creative Cabinetry.

Corinne, it was absolutely my pleasure to play a small role in such a meaningful project. Your parents are proud!