Hot Colors for 2009!

It is a proven fact that color is powerful and greatly influences our daily lives. Every year many organizations produce color predictions for various industries. One of the most noteworthy is the Color Marketing Group. This group predicts trends for many industries, including fashion, interiors, home furnishings and many others. Although I am always fascinated by the predictions and use it as a resource, I always proceed with caution. Sometimes it’s better to splash a trendy color in a new shirt or handbag, and not your entire living room. I’ve always believed that interiors should be timeless and evolve with your family, so strategically place your color for maximum impact!

What’s Hot for 2009?

According to the Color Marketing Group, color this year will be influenced by concern for the economy and optimism for the future.


A color influenced by the election (think about combining blue and red). Purple is the color that represents royalty and spirituality. Check out a spring-time painting of beautiful purple tulips by one of my beautiful friends, Susan Hecht (



The color that represents optimism and energy and we need them both! It’s also the color of happiness and joy (I’d be happy in this little beach hut).



The new environmental color replacing the “green” of the earth. Think about the blues of nature, including the sky and sea. Blue is the color that represents peace and tranquility. We could all use a little dose of blue this year!



Complex grays are the new neutral in interiors. Warm grays are becoming especially popular in interiors. Check out these great Company C pillows and rugs that combine the beautiful colors of 2009!


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